It’s a cyclist’s life for me

When you’re passionate about your hobby it tends to take over your life, intentionally or otherwise. Cyclists are no different. And bikes can take up an awful lot of space. As our homes get smaller (to squeeze all 7 billion, or so, of us in), cyclists and their long suffering partners/flatmates are coming up with some pretty innovative ways to get those bikes out of the way.

Displaying your bike on your wall can be a great way to get it out of the way, and free up much needed floor space in a small home. It can also provide an unusual focal point for your living room or hallway. Even the bike mount can be interesting and add personality to your home. Gone are the days of ugly bike racks and cluttered hallways.

This Quirky Lyfe Bike Enthusiasts


And for those cycling enthusiasts who want to display their love for their sport across the home, check out this Pinterest board for cycling inspired home decor ideas.


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