Scumble Goosie: quaint & quirky

On the edge of a small yet thriving market town in Gloucestershire lives an unassuming little shop called Scumble Goosie. Scumble Goosie makes high quality furniture, which you can either have painted or stained before delivery, or can be delivered natural for your to decorate as you wish.

The absolute beauty of this method is that you can make it as quaint or as quirky as your heart desires. You want an olive and cream nursery? Paint the cot in co-ordinating colours. You want a rainbow My Little Pony inspired room? The choice is yours.

Walking through the showroom, you see elegant furniture arrangements, retrained colour palettes and demure soft furnishings. But just let your imagination run riot. What could you do with these items? How could they add a little fun or personality to your home?

And, of course, this supports a small business. It’s not going into the pocket of Ikea executives. It’s supporting a family and a local community. Not only that, but it’s an investment. It will last you through generations. It can be redecorated time and again to suit the newest member of the family.

For more quirky things for your home, check out This Quirky Lyfe on Pinterest:


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